Wags & Brags

Come and see what club members have been up to!

First MASVL B-Match!

The club put on its very first B-Match as part of our path to becoming an official Local Specialty Club for Swedish Vallhund enthusiasts in the mid-Atlantic area of the United States. (Photos to come!)

Viking Yule

December 3-4, 2022

Members attended Viking Yule in Yorktown with their Vallhunds and were able to introduce many people to the breed.

Christi Weger was one of the members who attended and this is what she had to say about the event.

We had so much fun!

Yorktown Yule is a historic reenactment and living history event hosted by the Society of Amateur Vikings for General Reenactment and a Yorktown Victorian era group. 

There were vendors and events, music and food, and they invited the MASVL to bring Swedish Vallhunds and have a demonstration dog show and talk about the breed.  We had 9 Vallhunds in attendance and we enjoyed visiting all day with reenactors and visitors, even though the weather didn’t cooperate and we got rained out for a while.  We hope to do more events with SAVGR in the future.

"Play dead"

Practicing Tricks!

Tiramisu (Skyfyre The Call Of Cthulhu CGC TKI) learning some new tricks.